Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants of South Texas, P.A.

Medical Center Tower I
7950 Floyd Curl Drive
Suite 803
San Antonio, TX 78229
tel: 210-615-9500
fax: 210-615-9600
email: office at
Specializing in the compassionate care of people who suffer from abnormalities of the electrical system of the heart Current Insurance Plans: We accept most major commercial insurance plans. Please call for details.
Medicare: We have opted out of Medicare, and are happy to care for Medicare beneficiaries on an affordable cash basis. Note: Federal law prohibits signing the Federally-mandated opt-out contract with a Medicare beneficiary who is in an emergency situation.
No insurance? No problem! Consider our affordable Fee for service (direct pay).
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     Fee Schedule for Direct Pay Services
  Consultation, initial (usually takes 60 min) $250.00/hr  
  Consultations, follow up (15 min)$62.50  
  Consultations, follow up (30 min)$125.00  
  Electrocardiography with reading $35.00  
  Tests of the blood performed by Quest or LabCorp (you can pay them directly, use insurance if you wish, or pay them through us) about $80 for basic tests
about $95 for lipid profile
about $105 for thyroid test
  Echocardiography with reading $270.00  
  Nuclear stress testing $800.00  
  "Executive physical" (includes all of the above) $1,750.00  
  Hospital procedures (implantation of pacemaker, ICD, loop recorder; electrophysiology study and ablation of tachycardias; diagnostic cardiac catheterization) to be discussed in the office  
  Fine print: You can expect us to provide you with high quality professional services. We expect you to be respectful of the people who work in our practice and to be reasonable in your expectations. We reserve the right to refuse to accept or to terminate without warning anyone who violates these expectations. If you find that our services are not a good fit to your needs, we will be happy to assist you in finding medical care elsewhere. The prices above and scope of service are subject to change at any time. Payment is due at the time of service.  

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