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Specializing in the compassionate care of people who suffer from abnormalities of the electrical system of the heart Current Insurance Plans: We accept most major commercial insurance plans. Please call for details.
Medicare: We have opted out of Medicare, and are happy to care for Medicare beneficiaries on an affordable cash basis. Note: Federal law prohibits signing the Federally-mandated opt-out contract with a Medicare beneficiary who is in an emergency situation.
No insurance? No problem! Consider our affordable Fee for service (direct pay).
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Direct-pay care at Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants of South Texas, PA

Direct-pay patient care and Confidentiality
Would you like your health care records to be confidential? Did you notice when you signed up for medical insurance that you had to give permission to the insurance company to get any and all of your records whenever they pleased? Did you notice any limitations on what they can do with the information in your records after they receive them? We did not notice any either. Did you know that your confidential medical information is routinely sent by insurance companies to the Medical Information Bureau (see here), which it then provides to whomever it pleases? Would you like your health care records to be confidential? Direct-pay health care is one way to do so.

Direct-pay health care means that the consumers of health care (that is, patients or clients) pay the providers of health care (that is, doctors, hospitals, and so forth) directly. This is the same system we use for buying cars, education for our children, tickets to sports events, and vacations.

A bit of history: As late as the 1960s, health insurance paid only about half of the average medical bill, and was used mostly to cover major expenses such as hospitalizations. Now, consumers of health care services have become accustomed to paying little when they receive services, but quite a lot for "health insurance" premiums. The dirty little secret in the insurance industry is that premiums keep rising and payments to the people who actually do the work - doctors, hospitals, and so forth - keep falling. Who makes the money? Hint: not the doctors, the hospitals, and so forth.

Therefore, you the consumer are in a better bargaining position than you realize: Doctors and hospitals are paid far less for what they do than you think they are. If you are willing to pay cash, these providers of services will be delighted to deal with you. You receive prompt, friendly service. And, you keep your records as private as permitted by law (your records can still be examined by the regulatory agencies who regulate the doctors, the hospitals, and so forth, but these agencies are not as interested in you as are the insurance companies and perhaps your employer.)

Who might benefit from confidentialty?
You might benefit from confidentiality if you
  • Have a symptom that might be due to a serious condition or might not be. The condition could cause problems if you have it, in which case you would like to deal with it on your schedule. Example: a commercial driver, a pilot, or military personnel with chest pain that might be from the stomach or might be from the heart, or palpitations that might be normal or might not be normal.
  • Have a condition that you would like to handle on your own. No one else needs to know about it.
  • You have an important position and want an "Executive Physical". If everything is OK, your employer will be happy to hear the news. If not, you would prefer that your employer never know you have had a check up.
Cash-for-care Privacy: Patients now have increased rights to privacy thanks to Section 13405(a) of the HITECH Act, which requires that
What are the direct fees for services at Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants of South Texas, PA?
Please see the fee schedule and conditions here

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