Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants of South Texas, P.A.

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Specializing in the technically excellent compassionate care of people who suffer from abnormalities of the electrical system of the heart Current Insurance Plans: We accept most major commercial insurance plans. Please call for details.
No insurance? No problem! Consider our affordable Fee for service (direct pay).
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Professional Staff

Lawrence Widman, MD PhD Board-certified in Cardiovascular Diseases and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

General Interest

Medical Information

   Plain language explanations of some heart-related medical conditions,
written for patients, family members, and concerned laymen: Table of Contents
Glossary of Medical Terms
Introduction to abnormal cardiac rhythms at a somewhat more technical level

Material related to the Political Discussion on Health Care in the U.S.A.

This generic Waiting Room Letter developed by Docs4PatientCare represents the position of this practice, except that we can no longer be nonpartisan with respect to political developments in our country.
For further discussion, see this article in the Opinion section of the Wall Street Journal on September 1, 2010.
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